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What’s included:

  • Backdrop for bar
  • Signage and Labels
  • Platters and display ware
  • Serving utensils
  • All food items and beverages
  • All beverage containers
  • Linens for bar table setups
  • Setup/Clean-up
  • To go packing supplies
  • Cutlery, paper ware and baggies for guests
  • Event theme and color decorations for tables and items
  • Balloon Arrangement (full arch, half arch, columns or circular)
  • S’mores bar, hot chocolate bar, tea/coffee bars, dessert bar, potato bar, taco bar, popcorn bar, donut bar, bagel/pastry bar, wine w/(cheese and fruit bar), salty bar, sweets bar, deli bar, candy bar, cupcake bar, cookie bar, fondant bar (chocolate or cheese), ice cream bar, chicken wing bar and much more…


Up to 50 guests $525.00
50-100 guests $725.00
100-250 guests $1,000
250-350 guests $1,500
350-500 guests $2,800

Every event deserves a special touch and something to remember! Let us bring the added touch to your event by adding a #PartyBar!

Party bars can be fun, affordable and a unique touch to any event or party! We do not prepare food for bars that involve cooking. We have provided a list of bar services that require little to no cooking preparations. Any bars that require food preparations and cooking. (For example; potatoes for potato bar, chicken wings etc.) will always be pre-purchased from an outside source.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!